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delivering new experiences in home decor.

How Oodles Smart helps transform your business

Build an exclusive virtual demo room

Our professional team can help you create an all-round industry ecosystem from online to offline. By integrating the online, we aim to interact with our customers and provide them with more choices to improve user experiences.

One-stop product management system

With our one-stop product management system and customized furniture 3D model services, you can upload product information for customers’ understanding and purchase.

Drive consumer purchase intention

Through the real-time AI algorithm, users can adjust their designs instantly and preview the visual effects in real-time, such as changing and moving the finishes and furniture at will to master their own decoration styles.

Technical support

Our professional team provides comprehensive technical support and optimizes website functions regularly to improve its quality and performance, helping improve companies’ sales efficiency.

Get to know more?

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Find out your best-fit solution


Oodles Smart provides a vitural demo room where you can display your products in just a few steps. With the real-time matching and demonstration, you can greatly minimize any communication misunderstandings.


Users can change their home styles and furniture arrangement on Visualizer, which helps close their imagination gap whilst boosting purchase intention and driving online traffic.