A new ecosystem to improve user experience

With cutting-edge technology and the strong support of our professional team, Oodles Smart provides suppliers with a one-stop online display platform, featuring built-in 3D models and the information of diverse finishes and furniture in detail. Users are at liberty to choose, mix and match those, where they can walk out of their heads, experience their real living environment and preview the match effects.

Achieve your business goals in just a few steps

01 Customizable Website

Users can build a new customizable Oodles Smart Visualizer website platform; or quickly integrate Oodles Smart Visualizer to your webpage.

02 Product database

After providing required product information, our technical staff will assist you in integrating relevant materials and furniture into the Oodles Smart online platform.

03 Real-time demo

Once you create the Oodles Smart online platform, you can click on different products on the demo page at sales to preview the design effect in real time.

04 Instant sharing

You can share Oodles Smart Visualizer with customers and designers, encouraging them to simultaneously make the design of the ideal space together.

Benefits of Oodles Smart

Capture anytime

Users have the flexibility to capture photos of their home environment at any time and make instant design modifications.

Real-Time AI Algorithm

Through the real-time AI algorithm, the photos uploaded by users can be processed and analyzed in real-time, and users can adjust different interior design styles as per their own preferences.

Adjustment & Design

Oodles Smart offers compelling editorial design features, such as removing unwanted objects, furniture placement , etc. Users can change and move the finishes and furniture at will to master their own decoration styles.

Real-Time Preview

After adjusting the designs, users can instantly preview their mix and match effects and do before-and-after comparison.

Multi-language Interface & Content

Oodles Smart covers major language interfaces, consisting of Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English to satisfy different users’ needs.

Get to know more?

If you are interested in getting to know how Oodles Smart can help transform your business, do fill out the form and we will contact you shortly.